“With the exception of some high-flying migrant species, nature doesn't commute to work.” - Janine Benyus, Biomimicry

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Business and Sustainable Development (BSD)

The BSD site was created and is maintained by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). The web site has information on current sustainability issues, strategies and tools to incorporate the concept into business activities, markets, banking and investment, information on working with NGOs, and training opportunities. The wide variety of case studies are particularly noteworthy.

Sustainable Business.com

Sustainable Business.com is an on-line organization serving businesses who integrate economic, social, and environmental concerns into their core strategy. In short, they claim to "help green business grow". SB.com covers the broad field of sustainable business, bringing together businesses from such diverse industries as renewable energy, organic products, social investing, green building and construction, and re-manufacturing. The site has four major sections:

The site also contains a resource directory, latest news in sustainability, and an events calendar!

Sustainable Measure

This site offers a multitude of definitions of sustainability. Sustainability is a new field and the word can mean very different things to different people. Sustainable Measures seeks to shed light on these various views. Another interesting component of this organization's web site is the extensive section devoted to indicators of a sustainable business or sustainable society.

The Daily Green

The site is the "consumer's guide to the green revolution," offering the latest news on sustainability, eco tips for everyone, Community Cookbook Recipes, and much more!


This innovative website is geared towards the business community. Its primary purpose is to increase understanding of the Triple Bottom Line, and provide “expert editorial coverage” on today’s sustainable business movement.

Warner Bros. Studios Environmental Initiatives

Warner Bros. Studios created a user-friendly site that makes it fun to learn about environmental issues, especially how they relate to your own personal life. At the site, you can learn what Warner Bros. has done to shrink their footprint, view an eco-tour video, and read tips on your role in the movement.

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