“With the exception of some high-flying migrant species, nature doesn't commute to work.” - Janine Benyus, Biomimicry

Aquinas College

Campus Sustainability Initiatives and Efforts



Aquinas College Sustainability Initiative

The Aquinas College Sustainability Initiative provides an on-going process to assure that Aquinas is the kind of place where people love to work and learn. The initiative involves protecting the natural beauty of the Aquinas College campus while restoring the natural environment, improving financial stability and strengthening social relationships. Web site visitors can view the campus inventory, current and past sustainability proposals, and learn more about sustainable business.

Arizona State University - Global Institute of Sustainability

The Global Institute of Sustainability helps to ensure ASU is on the path to achieving it's sustainability goals. The four pillars ASU is concentrated on are carbon neutrality, zero waste, active engagement and principled practice. ASU is currently working on energy conservation, renewable energy, waste and recycling, transportation, food services, water conservation, and buildings.

Brown is Green

Brown University's sustainability initiative, tagged "Brown is Green," has made great strides in creating a more sustainability university. Visit their web site to learn about the unique programming at Brown.

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Sustainability Initiative

Located primarily in Allendale, Michigan, GVSU currently has several sustainability initiatives underway, including several LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings.

Greening UVM

Greening UVM, a program of the University of Vermont, has successfully implemented a recycling program, switched light bulbs over to compact fluorescent blubs, began using 100% recycled, process-chlorine free copy paper, committed to LEED certified buildings, and are integrating more local food into the university's cafeteria. Visit their web site for more information on these exciting projects.

Harvard Green Campus Initiative

"The mission of the Harvard Green Campus Initiative (HGCI) is to make Harvard University a living laboratory and learning organization for the pursuit of campus sustainability." The web site offers information on all the exciting happenings at Harvard University, including resource efficiency programs, energy reduction efforts, the green cleaning program, the University's green building guidelines, and much more.

Middlebury College Environmental Affairs

A long-time higher education leader in sustainability and environmental issues, Middlebury College is dedicated to incorporating sustainability into all areas of the college. Click on the link above to learn more about Middlebury's sustainability initiatives.

Oberlin College

The Office of Environmental Sustainability at Oberlin College "provides leadership to the Oberlin community in implementation of the College’s comprehensive environmental policy in line with the College’s strategic goal of sustainability." The site provides real-time information on the environmental performance of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies facility, a glimpse into on-campus sustainability programs, and news and events.

Tufts University- Office of Sustainability

Tufts University is a pioneer in the field of climate change mitigation at institutions of higher learning. The institution committed to meeting the Kyoto Protocol, adopted the goals of the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers, and joined the Chicago Climate Exchange. The web site is a great source for information on energy efficiency, carbon offsets, and other sustainability issues tackled by Tufts.

UB Green

UB Green, the campus sustainability web site for the University at Buffalo, contains information on campus policies, sustainability programming, links, quotes, and many other useful resources.

University of Colorado Environmental Center

With experience dating back to 1970, the Environmental Center at the University of Colorado (Boulder) has had many successes in campus greening efforts. The site provides links to the campus master plan, project funding, the environmentally responsible purchasing program, and other current sustainability initiatives.

University of Oregon Environmental Issues Committee!

The University of Oregon Environmental Issues Committee is a working group composed of faculty, staff and students that serves to: Raise awareness about environmental issues on campus, Identify problems and concerns, and Institute University policy for environmental issues. This site provides information on the sustainability effort at the University of Oregon, a campus sustainability tour, and other exciting features.

Yale University Office of Sustainability

Yale University's sustainability efforts began over 15 years ago with efforts such as a campus recycling program. Since then, the institution has made significant strides, including a green plan, Advisory Committee on Environmental Management, and completion of a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and establishment of reduction goals and strategies. The web site for the Office of Sustainability contains their GHG reduction commitment, information on current projects, and a sustainability newsletter.

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