“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction.” - Albert Einstein

Aquinas College

K-12 Sustainability



Center for Environmental Education (CEE)

The CEE web site provides educational resources for students and educators covering environmental issues and sustainability. The curriculum library and the section containing tools for assessment are particularly useful to educators.

Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF)

“CELF provides consulting services, training programs and educational programs, in order to make sustainability education an integral part of the K-12 learning experience.” The primary goal of this organization is to create a consulting service that provides the tools and techniques necessary for sustainable education to effectively become a part of the classroom experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Weather and Climate Resources Online

This webpage provides dozens of helpful links for those interested in climate and weather education and learning. The resources listed on this site are helpful for any level of education & age to expand their understanding of the fields of meteorology and forecasting.

U.S. Green Building Council's Build Green Schools

"Green schools are healthy for students, teachers and the environment. Built right, green schools are productive learning environments with ample natural light, high-quality acoustics and air that is safe to breathe. Schools everywhere are going green, nurturing children while saving money." This web site offers facts on how you can make the case to build green schools.

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