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Climate Change Mitigation Strategies


The reduction and eventual elimination of greenhouse gas emissions is an increasingly prominent issue in the United States and beyond, especially as the effects of global climate change become more evident. Almost all scientists agree that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are adding to the overall warming of the climate.

Business plays a vital role in the mitigation of climate change and can become a key player by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Since more stringent regulations- such as carbon taxes- are likely in our future, business would be wise to ramp up energy reduction and efficiency efforts, and to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, climate change mitigation strategies can also improve the bottom line. Businesses that join a carbon-trading program, such as the Chicago Climate Exchange, are able to make money by reducing their carbon emissions. Carbon-trading programs allow companies to sell the carbon tons that they do not emit. Various resources and links can be found below related to mitigating climate change.


Carbon Footprint

"Carbon Footprint is proud to be the United Nations (UN) offset partner. Selected to offset emissions from the first ever General Assembly Debate on climate change - held earlier this month in New York." This is a great site to read more about the carbon footprint, climate change and carbon dioxide reductions.

Climate Change: Yahoo! Green

This site was created by Yahoo! to fight against global climate change. It offers news and articles on related subjects and also allows you to calculate your own carbon footprint. If you have questions about global warming, this is a great resource!

Delta Carbon

The Delta Carbon Program encourages conservation practices that not only reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, but protect and improve environmental quality. The web site has two portals, Delta Offsets and Delta Aggregation. Delta Offsets allows users to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, learn about ways to lessen your impact, and purchase offsets. The Delta Aggregation site contains targeted information for farmers and landowners to enroll in carbon programs.

EPA's Climate Change Site

"EPA's Climate Change Site offers comprehensive information on the issue of climate change in a way that is accessible and meaningful to all parts of society communities, individuals, business, states and localities, and governments."

GHG Protocol Initiative- World Business Council for Sustainable Development

"The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) is the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage greenhouse gas emissions. The GHG Protocol Initiative, a decade-long partnership between the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, is working with businesses, governments, and environmental groups around the world to build a new generation of credible and effective programs for tackling climate change."

Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI)

GEMI provides businesses with tools and strategies to help foster global environmental health and safety as well as economic success.

Pacific Southwest Research Station

"PSW scientists collaborate with National Forest System and other natural-resource managers to provide scientific bases for new methods on adaptation and mitigation to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions."

Safe Climate for Business

Safe Climate is a joint project of the World Resources Institute and the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business and is dedicated to helping business of all sizes understand and take action on climate change. The site contains a helpful tool for determining your carbon footprint.

The Center for Climate Strategies

"The Center for Climate Strategies was formed in 2004 to support states and other entities in the creation and management of climate change mitigation plans and policies, along with related energy, economic, and environmental policies." This site provides an analysis on policies and plans to reduce GHG emissions.

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change

"The Pew Center on Global Climate Change was established in 1998 as a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization. The Center's mission is to provide credible information, straight answers, and innovative solutions in the effort to address global climate change."

United States Climate Action Partnership

"The USCAP is a group of businesses and leading environmental organizations that have come together to call on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions."

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