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Resources for Implementation


Because there is no sustainable business yet, there is no standard in place for implementing sustainability into a company. There is no "right way," but there are some general rules that have emerged. The journey will take a very long time and requires collaboration from multiple parties and varying viewpoints. Creativity, redesign, and "thinking outside the box" are essential elements that must be cultivated internally and "business as usual" cannot and will not continue. There are a variety of resources available to business in the form of consulting firms, business models, and online databases. While the entire sustainable business section on this web site provides information an organization would use during implementation, this section contains links to companies that provide services specifically identified as implementation resources.



Easy to Be Green

Easy to be Green is a web based resource created for interior designers to research product options, expand their knowledge base, and stay ahead of the growing sustainability learning curve. They provide product information and the “fundamentals” which include links to more information and book reviews.

Great Lakes Green Chemistry Working Group

The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Working Group includes industry, academia, non-governmental organizations and state and federal governments working together to lay the foundation for a Green Chemistry Network to further green chemistry practice in the binational Great Lakes region.

Green Suppliers Network

The Green Suppliers Network works with large manufacturers to engage their suppliers in low-cost technical reviews to identify strategies for improving process lines and using materials more efficiently. The Lean and Clean Advantage targets and eliminates the root causes of waste. The result--a stronger bottom line.

Green Supply Line

"Green Supply Line" offers information on the incorporation of environmental standards into a company's supply chain. The information is particularly useful for OEM and EMS managers, as the site includes "breaking news, RoHS and lead-free product announcements, expert industry advice and analysis, insights into best practices, and hands-on how-to details."

Investor Environmental Health Network

The Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) is a collaborative partnership of investment managers concerned about the financial and public health risks associated with corporate toxic chemicals policies. IEHN, through dialogue and shareholder resolutions, encourages companies to adopt policies to continually and systematically reduce and eliminate the toxic chemicals in their products.

Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse

The Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse aims to promote and increase awareness of green chemistry by creating a community of informed green chemistry advocates. This site is an on-line source of information, resources, databases, learning opportunities and interactive tools for citizens, business and industry professionals, educators, policy makers, entrepreneurs and others.

National Green Pages

"The National Green Pages™ is a directory listing nearly 3,000 businesses that have made firm commitments to sustainable, socially just principles, including the support of sweatshop-free labor, organic farms, fair trade, and cruelty-free products."

Paper Calculator

This tool will help you quantify the benefits of better paper choices. The Paper Calculator shows the environmental impacts of different papers across their full lifecycle. Create an easy-to-read report, to help your company, community, non-profit or other organization make better paper choices and measure the environmental results.

Quest Sustainable Solutions

"Quest is dedicated to the development and growth of people, while striving to create value through knowledge and increase individual and organizational competence." Quest Sustainable Solutions offers consulting services to businesses with an interest in greening their company.

Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

REACH is the new Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into force on 1st June 2007. It streamlines and improves the former legislative framework on chemicals of the European Union (EU). REACH is working toward improving the protection of human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals, the promotion of alternative testing methods, the free circulation of substances on the internal market and enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

Responsible Purchasing Network

Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) is an international network of buyers dedicated to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable purchasing. RPN is managed by the Center for a New American Dream, and offers all kinds of responsible purchasing resources such as purchasing guides for a variety of products and consulting services.


“Established in 1987, SustainAbility is a strategy consultancy and independent think tank specializing in the business risks and market opportunities of corporate responsibility and sustainable development.” Located in Europe and the United States, the organization provides strategic counsel and consultant services to corporations and pro-bono work for NGOs and other organizations.

Sustainable Energy Education and Communications (SEEC) by Johnson Controls

In 2005, Johnson Controls, Inc. developed an employee training and communications program called "Sustainable Energy Education & Communications (SEEC)". "Through SEEC, employees learn in compelling and interactive ways how saving energy and water, keeping indoor air clean, and other sustainable strategies can save money, reduce harmful emissions and help them stay healthy – both on the job and at home. SEEC can help companies achieve innovation credits for LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Buildings Council. It also includes a customizable communications package to showcase each company’s own accomplishments, including LEED and ENERGY STAR® achievements."

Sustainable Research Group (SRG)

SRG was created as a Limited Liability Company in 2002 "to help create a system of commerce for our partners that is simultaneously life affirming, value-based and ethically driven." They have many years of experience in research, marketing, consulting and real estate development, and are a valuable asset to any organization.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

The ACEEE is a nonprofit organization committed to "advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection." The site provides a multitude of resources for professionals working to improve the energy efficiency of operations. Several of the organization's research areas include:

  • Energy Policy
  • Buildings and Equipment
  • Utilities
  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • International Communications and Conferences
  • The Natural Step

    "The Natural Step uses a science-based framework to help individuals and organizations understand sustainability and build sound programs, tools and metrics. This framework is a well-developed planning methodology used for assessment, visioning and action."

    U.S. EPA- Chemical Assessment and Management Program (ChAMP)

    Under ChAMP, the EPA is fulfilling U.S. commitments made under the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). To fulfill its part of the SPP commitment, the United States will, by 2012, complete screening-level risk characterizations and take action, as appropriate, on more than 6,750* chemicals produced above 25,000 pounds per year. On the ChAMP site, read about EPA’s ongoing chemical regulatory efforts, including possible program enhancements.


    Viability is a West Michigan based business offering an "expert single source solution for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.” They do this by helping companies develop sustainable strategies and assisting in acquiring grants, performing carbon assessments, and generating carbon credits. The web site contains information on the services provided by Viability, case studies, and articles pertaining to sustainable solutions.

    West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium

    The West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium (WMSPC) is committed to developing and providing access to professional procurement contracts that support sustainable purchasing in the West Michigan community. The WMSPC has the ability to contract with vendors for environmentally preferable goods and services at lower prices because of the collective purchasing ability of its members.

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