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Anaheim University- MBA in Sustainable Management

Located in Anaheim, California and Tokyo, Anaheim University offers an online MBA in Sustainable Management. Focused on leadership, social responsibility and sustainable practices, this online ‘Green MBA’ allows graduates to succeed in a fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible way.

Antioch University- MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability

Located in Keene, New Hampshire, Antioch University offers a MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability. "The Master’s in Business Administration in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability— the Green MBA —reflects Antioch New England’s progressive approach to education and a commitment to empowering leaders who effect positive change."

Aquinas College- Master of Sustainable Business

The Master of Sustainable Business degree at Aquinas College is quite unique, challenging and prepares graduates to take a leadership role inside a variety of organizations that commit to the movement. The Master of Sustainable Business Program courses are offered in an eight-week evening format during the fall, winter, and summer semesters. Aquinas College also offers a Master of Management Degree with a concentration in Sustainable Business.

Arizona State University- School of Sustainability

Arizona State University's innovative Sustainability program was launched in 2006. In addition to a Bachelor and a certificate program, ASU offers a Master of Science and a Master of Arts in Sustainability. "The graduate programs train students for academic, research, and professional roles. Graduates will be able to understand the dynamics of coupled social and environmental systems and will be able to organize collaborative teams to conduct research and provide adaptive solutions to specific sustainability problems."

Bainbridge Graduate Institute

The Institute is located on Bainbridge Island in Washington and it offers an MBA and Certificate in Sustainable Business.

Brandeis University- MBA in Socially Responsible Business

Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts) offers a Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development, a M.B.A with a Concentration in Sustainable Development, and a Master of Science in International Health Policy and Management. The MBA is a 15-month program, while the M.A. includes a Year-in-Residence studying with senior researchers and development practitioners, followed by a year long field project, internship, or advanced study.

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)- Masters of Sustainable Technology and Architecture

The CAT, in Wales, UK has been a leading school for sustainable technology since 1973. They offer several masters programs on architecture and technology, and have received awards for their own sustainable building practices. The West Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) was named “Britain’s Best Building of 2010” by the Daily Telegraph.

Colorado State University- Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise Program

Colorado State University’s Graduate Degree in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise provides business skills, the experience, the network and the attitude necessary to build and manage sustainable enterprises.

Columbia College- MFA in Interior Architecture & MFA in Architectural Studies

"Beginning in fall, 2007, Columbia College Chicago's Masters of Fine Arts programs in Architectural Studies and Interior Architecture will be focused on sustainable design, making Columbia among the first schools in the nation to ground its academic architectural design training in sustainable practice."

Dominican University of California- Green MBA program

Dominican University of California is located in the San Francisco Bay area and offers an onsite Green MBA program. Graduates receive a Master of Business Administration Degree in Sustainable Enterprise. Students can choose between a two-year full-time or three-year part-time structure. "Dominican University of California’s MBA in Sustainable Enterprise is an engaging learning community where people with strong environmental and social values develop effective leadership capacities to advance economically successful, ecologically restorative, and socially just initiatives in any type of organization."

Duquesne University- MBA in Sustainability

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Duquesne University offers a MBA in sustainability. "This MBA program is designed for a new generation of leaders who want to enhance organizational competitiveness and profitability while being socially and environmentally responsible. The innovative daytime program features a challenging, internationally-accredited curriculumand practical application of cutting-edge models in real management situations."

Executive Masters in Natural Resources (XMNR)

"The XMNR program is offered through VT’s College of Natural Resources and Environment in the National Capital Region. Designed to accommodate the needs and constraints of the working professional, XMNR is an accelerated, non-residential degree program which emphasizes peer-to-peer experiential learning and collaborative problem-solving through extensive teamwork. The curriculum was developed to provide students with skills for working across sectors, disciplines, and cultures to address the complex issues involved in building a more sustainable society and future. All aspects of the program—including coursework, guest lecturers, group projects, the international residency, and capstone projects—are designed to bring about institutional and policy change as well as personal and cultural transformation."

Goddard College

Goddard College, a small liberal arts college in rural Vermont, offers a Master of Arts in Socially Responsible Business and Sustainable Communities (MA SRBSC). "The program will be offered in two formats: a two year full-time 48 credit master's degree program and a one year full-time 24 credit certificate of graduate study program. Both formats will be delivered using Goddard College's intensive residency graduate education model." Three areas of focus are available, including Socially Responsible Business, Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Communities.

Green Mountain College

"Green Mountain offers an accredited M.B.A. that emphasizes sustainable business practices. Students learn how to achieve their economic objectives while addressing the needs of employees, their community and other stakeholders. Our program reflects the growing trend among successful companies to focus on the triple bottom line, seeking competitive advantages through practices that are socially responsible and environmentally sound."

Indiana University- Graduate concentration in sustainable development

"Students in the Master of Public Affairs degree program at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs can now pursue an academic concentration in sustainable development. The option is available to students in the MPA program at IU Bloomington. SPEA faculty members believe it is the first sustainable development concentration offered by a university public affairs program."

Iowa State University

Iowa State University offers master and doctoral degrees in Sustainable Agriculture. "The intent of the Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture (GPSA) is to develop student competence and expertise in the design, implementation, and evaluation of sustainable agricultural systems."

Lund University - Master in Sustainability Science

Located in Sweden, the Lund University International Master's Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science started in 1997. The programme admits approximately 45 students each year from a variety of locations. These students come from many different types of disciplines, providing a unique learning environment at LUMES. These students continue on to work for multiple industry and academic sectors.

Presidio World College

Presidio World College offers an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Management. Throughout the two-year, 60 credit hour curriculum, students increasingly move from engaging with who they are as individuals to who they are as cultural beings.

Slippery Rock University

Since 1990, SRU has offered a 37-credit hour interdisciplinary Master of Science in Sustainable Systems (MS3) degree. The core curriculum requires courses in sustainability theory, ecology, research, and an internship. The program also provides tracks for sustainable agriculture, sustainable architecture, resource management, and systems.


Stanford offers a two-year, full-time, residential day MBA program with a variety of sustainable business concepts integrated into the curriculum. In October 2005, Stanford's MBA program was rated the best for sustainable business education by "Beyond Grey Pinstripes 2005".

The New School- Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management

"The Sustainability Management program at The New School focuses on assuring an organization’s enduring environmental, social, and financial health through comprehensive and balanced attention to its system of resources and stakeholders. Coursework engages students in stakeholder communications, environmental studies, corporate social responsibility, finance, regulatory issues, historical and social policy perspectives, advocacy and social action, and specific technical specialties."

University of Dayton- Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy

Join the best and brightest students from all over the world in gaining the most current knowledge to create renewable clean energy solutions. The University of Dayton's online Master of Science in renewable and clean energy prepares you to understand technologies and systems required for a sustainable energy future. In less than two years, the online M.S. in renewable and clean energy helps you obtain an understanding of energy-reducing design techniques, and renewable energy and manufacturing systems. Plus, you'll discover better forms of solar energy, fuel cells and biofuels.

University of Malta- M.Sc. in Sustainable Environment Resources Management

"The M.Sc. in Sustainable Environment Resources Management will enable participants to apply technical knowledge to address complex natural and anthropogenic problems that impact a broad range of environmental issues, with a multi-disciplinary, systems approach. The programme will motivate participants to develop an international perspective that is culturally balanced addressing, in particular, environmental issues and case-studies that are relevant to the Euro-Mediterranean region."

University of Michigan- Engineering Sustainable Systems

Launched in the fall of 2007, the Engineering Sustainable Systems dual degree confers a master of science (M.S.) degree from the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) and a master of science in engineering (M.S.E.) from the College of Engineering (CoE). Global climate change, energy security, ecological degradation, environmental threats to human health and resource scarcity are critical sustainability challenges for the 21st century. Sustainability is based upon the ability to meet societal needs within the context of economical and ecological constraints. This dual degree provides the tools necessary to help meet those needs.

University of Michigan- M.S. in Natural Resources and Environment

The University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment offers a M.S. in Natural Resources and Environment. The hallmark of the master’s program is its interdisciplinary focus. This focus can be extended even further through the pursuit of a dual degree. A popular option is the three-year M.S./MBA program, administered by the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, a partnership between Natural Resources and Environment and the Ross School of Business.

University of Minnesota- MS in Sustainable Design

The School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota's College of Design (CDes) has responded by developing the M.S. in Architecture-Sustainable Design Track (M.S.-S.D.). Bringing together a rich group of multidisciplinary courses, projects, and research opportunities, students can customize the program to meet their individual needs.

University of North Carolina (UNC)

UNC offers an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Enterprise. Courses cover diverse topics ranging from technology and innovation for sustainable enterprise to nonprofit management, workplace diversity, and labor issues.

University of South Florida- Master of Arts in Global Sustainability

“This degree will prepare students to address complex regional, national, and global challenges related to sustainability and the ability to innovate in diverse cultural, geographic, and demographic contexts. The program will allow for the integration of various disciplines such as basic, natural, and social sciences, engineering, health, economics, governance and policy, and issues of diversity.”

University of Wisconsin- Madison- M.S. in conservation biology and sustainable development

Understanding the complex interactions between natural ecosystems and human societies is essential for ecologically sustainable development, which meets the growing needs of humanity while protecting the integrity of nature. The Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development Program promotes this kind of understanding. Its unique interdisciplinary curriculum combines studies of the nature and value of biological diversity with studies of the economic and social dimensions of development.

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