“Everything in life matters and ultimately has a place, an impact, and a meaning.” - Laurens van der Post, A Far-Off Place

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The resources below will help you plan your green vacation!



Since 1999, ECOCLUB S.A. has created and operates the world's most popular B2B ecotourism portal and the world's largest professional ecotourism network. Various services covering many aspects of ecotourism are offered, including the following: subscription services, real estate and vacancy listings, event information, and eco-friendly vacation ideas from across the globe.

Google Green maps

Google Maps, partnered with the Earth Day Network, launched a map and video project detailing the environmentally-friendly components of Orlando, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The maps are intended to help tourists find green activities, attractions, and amenities.

Green Lodging News

Green Lodging News provides a state-by-state summary of green lodging programs across the United States.

Sustainable Trip

"SustainableTrip.org features hotels, tour operators, and other businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean that have either been verified by independent, third-party sustainable tourism certification programs or recommended by reputable organizations. The goal of this site is to help savvy travelers and tour operators choose destinations that are not only beautiful, but also benefit the communities, flora, and fauna they will be visiting."

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